raphael circle goldArchangel Raphael is the patron saint of all nurses and doctors and all those who participate with the healing of the earth and its inhabitants.  "Raph" in Hebrew means heal and the "el" means messenger, thus ArchAngel Raphael is the patron saint and healing angel sent by God.  Raphael is very diligent about seeing that healing centers and hospitals have all that they need in order to perform God’s work. Those that place an emphasis on beauty, health and fitness are directly influenced by Raphael. Their passion becomes their mission and others benefit greatly from their seemingly innate pursuit.

Raphael reminds us that our bodies are just vehicles for our spirit and that we must learn to care for it with great attention. The body has an intelligence and can comprehend healing thoughts. Close your eyes when ill or fatigued and ask Archangel Raphael to send God’s healing energy through your body. Stay in prayer until the discomfort lifts and repeat the process if it should reoccur. Raphael has many answers for you but your responsibility to yourself and your body is to ask. He can assist you in changing your lifestyle, your eating habits and the way you choose to spend negative energy. He can help you stay fit for the mission.

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