michael circle goldMichael the Archangel is the Patron Saint of police and military. Michael is committed to seeing that each and every one of us reaches their full potential as intended by God. He is considered one of the great Chaldean Princes, christened as one of the greatest of all the angels and his kingdom is all inclusive of everything on Earth. Archangel Michael will do all that he can to protect the path, eliminating evil as a part of keeping the journey directed. His greatest gift to us is the energy he transmits within us; a positive force that leaves peace, love and beauty in its aftermath.

Michael's presence is fairly easy to detect by simply taking an assessment of your own spiritual growth. If it has been growing exponentially over a short period of time, if opportunities to grow spiritually are being put before you like a banquet or if your appetite for spiritual knowledge has increased, you can rest assured that Archangel Michael is working diligently to feed you. He is committed to you and your spiritual destiny for it is his own.

Michael is a true spiritual Warrior; He is the Patron Saint of the military and police. You should summon Michael when the challenge seems a bit overwhelming. Give him the pleasure of coming to your rescue. Open your heart and soul to his tremendous strength and power. God's presence reigns mightily within his spirit.

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