gabriel circle goldArchangel Gabriel is the patron saint of teaching. He speaks without saying a word and the news that he bears is significant. Gabriel is an alchemist from heaven turning a starved moment into a hearty feast. He announces the coming of goodness and fortune. When a phone rings with news of support after countless months of no response, it is Gabriel that dials the phone and speaks through the party on the other end. Gabriel is delivering God’s gift and he is relentless in his efforts to do so. He is incredibly purposeful but equally as reserved in a very majestic and powerful sort of way. In that bright moment our energy body is heightened and that which appears hopeful is cloaked in a knowingness. Then in celebration Archangel Gabriel wraps his magnificent wings around you and you lovingly melt into the significance of God`s glory and just be.

In a moment with Gabriel we remember what our purpose is and how to go about staying on task. Call to Gabriel if you have a tendency to forget. Listen to him by acknowledging the wisdom of your own intuition. Gabriel’s silent presence will speak volumes and you will smile for a long while as you and he become one in raising the spirits of others.

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